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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Man holding a briefcase walking, woman walking in background, blurredWhen you are charged with violating the law, your future is on the line. Having the right attorney can make the difference between taking control of your case and letting the case control your life. The law is complicated, the process is confusing and the consequences can be serious. At Rioux, Donahue, Chmelecki & Peltier, we handle defense of all criminal and civil violations of law from traffic tickets to homicide.

All of our attorneys handle adult criminal defense matters in State and Federal Court. In addition, attorneys Luke Rioux and Mark Peltier are also members of the Maine Federal Court’s Criminal Justice Act defense attorney panel.

Some of the matters we commonly handle include
• DUI, OUI, operating under the influence
• OAS, operating after suspension
• Operating after habitual offender revocation
• Domestic violence assault
• Assault
• Drug possession and drug trafficking
• Aggravated drug trafficking
• Federal criminal defense
• Speeding and other traffic tickets

Initial consultations on all cases are always free. Call 207-358-4909 to discuss the details and how we can help.